When you’ve lost yourself
and you don’t know how to be found,
there are those friends who stick by you
when your world is tumbling down,
who never give up on you
when you’ve given up on yourself,
bring you out of your shell
when you’d go on hiding on a shelf.

Forsaken Heroes

Little hero
standing tall,
go back home
before you fall.
What they are is disease released,
spreading far to feed the beast.
On your shoulders
they’ll place the world
until you collapse
replaced with boys and girls.
They fill your head with pretty lies
before they send you off to die.
You’ll be a hero
is often said.
What good’s the praise
if you’re already dead?

Forever Changed

There’s no going back
when I step off this path.
If I take your hand
and choose to be yours,
I can’t go back
to who I was before.
If one day you choose
to break my heart
and we go our separate ways,
I won’t just change back
to who I was
before you,
before us,
before I was swept away.
The me of now
will no longer exist.
If I choose
to take your hand,
I’ll be
forever changed.

Farewell 26

Farewell 26

You served me well
it travels far
and as I searched within.
You gave me courage
to try new things
with varying results.
You brought me closer
to the things I love
almost like
I was in a dream.
I’ll never forget
all that we’ve been through
even though
we now part ways.
So long, farewell
you’ve served me well,
but now I’m off to ’17.


Drifting from reality,
the pastime keeps me free
but as I dive into
my fantasies
I lose my grip
on sanity.
What once made sense
has now been lost
as the common world
falls away.
I live my life
in fantasy
falling deeper in
this land,
but worry not
they know me here
and they all like to play.

Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine
loving someone,
investing time,
money, and
it your all and
holding so close
to just one day
wake up and
let go
of all we held dear.
To walk away from
caring and the
memories shared.
To go on with my life
as if the echoes of
who we were and
what we had don’t
the places we’ve been.
I can’t imagine
going from
loving someone
to waking up
one morning
and deciding
I don’t.

Broken Girl

There was a girl
hidden away
behind a curtain of pain.
All she wanted
was to be loved.
Long and hard,
she toiled away
to make her life just so.
She made her beauty
shine within
and worked on her without.
But still the boys
they passed her by,
choosing friends of hers instead.
She began again
to improve herself
becoming successful
in her own right.
She’d get smiles
every now and then
but when decisions came
she was left up on the shelf.
That pretty girl
broke inside
thinking all the while
she wasn’t good enough.
there must be something wrong
if no one wanted her themselves.
Never knowing
all along
the boys who passed her by
thought themselves
undeserving of her love.

Blurred Image

You never get the full picture
if you’re always on the outside
looking in.
Impossibly distorted
the images become.
Just pieces and fragments
are all that you’ll glimpse.
To gain true perspective
you need to be there
in that moment
and the ones that brought you there.
all you’ll have
is just distorted moments.