Chip Away

I start out nervous

full of doubt

It isn’t easy

I try to muster

a sense of courage

and once I think

I’m ready to try

in you swoop

with cruel, cruel words

every word

you send my way

all you do

is chip away

Chip away my nerve

Chip away my confidence

til all that’s left of me

is who I cannot be.


Prompt: Chipping Away


None of it Matters

those towering troubles

that make you feel small

weighing you down

til you think you might fall

under its weight

under its might

you let doubt seep in

you give up the fight

none of it matters

when you step back and see

those troubles around you

aren’t as vast as the sea

treasure the moments

that used to slip by

hold on to your loved ones

before time flits by.

Not As It Appears

Not all monsters have fangs

Not all angels have wings

Not all nightmares happen in dreams

Not all beauty can be seen


There are monsters disguised as beauty

There are monsters who live in pain

There are monsters who dwell inside

Monsters that make your eyes rain


There are angels who aren’t holy

There are angels who aren’t kind

but when you find yourself in trouble,

those angels soothe your mind


Others’ ideas of safety

can be the nightmares that you face

Nightmares steal away in darkness—

the shadows lurking every place


Monsters can be friends who only hurt you

whose words feel like acid rain

Those who were meant to guide you

but they weigh you down in chains.


There is beauty found in darkness—

a balm to ease your pain

Beauty in acts of kindness

Beauty that looks so plain.


There is beauty only felt

There is terror lived in day

There are angels right beside you—

gentle friends who call your name


Prompt: Not All Monsters Have Fangs

Not Always

You’re not always right

I’m not always wrong

Don’t pretend you know my thoughts

Don’t act like you know what I’ll say

Don’t brush off my scoldings

because you know much more

Some of my opinions have merit

Some of yours are farfetched

All I ask is that you listen

I’m not always wrong

You’re not always right


Prompts: Not Always Right


Pull my strings
watch me walk, talk, and act
just like you tell me to.
There are times
when you give pause.
I dare to dream
that I can choose,
yet when I go to move
you pull my strings.
Hope is chased away.
You get bored
my strings go slack
and I am nothing more
than a broken puppet on the floor.

Prompt: Pull my strings

What I Want

I want you here.
I want you gone.
Please stay close,
but not for long.
I thought I knew
what it was I wished.
I’ve been so wrong—
don’t know how I missed
the mark of wants
and needs I have.
I don’t know anymore.
I don’t know what I want.
Don’t know what I feel.
I can’t even tell
if these feelings are real.
Did I build them up
inside my head?
Did dream take over
to change which path I tred?
Or are they true?
If so,
what should I do?
Do I take the leap
into the great unknown?
Or do I protect myself
from what the world has thrown?
You leave me waxing
lyrical rhyme
until inner turmoil
has poured out from mind.
I can’t look at you
without being confused,
then I pray
I’m not being used.
I’m not quite myself.
Haven’t been for a while.
Am I grown adult?
Or confused, lost child?
You keep changing me,
I’m not sure it’s for the best.
I don’t think my heart
can endure the test.
Please stay near,
but don’t stay long
‘cause when you’re here
I might just hold on.

To Live or To Escape

To live or to escape
That was the question she posed.
I gave a pause
And thought awhile.
Why did I write?
Was it both?
Neither seemed quite right,
An understatement.
I write
Because I need to.
I can’t imagine not writing.
I compose in my head
Where it echoes
And echoes
Until I offer release.
I enjoy it,
No doubt,
But when I’m not writing
A part of me is missing.
I feel like I’m stagnating,
But when I put pen to paper
I’m moving again.
I write
To think
To speak
To imagine
To feel.
I write to breathe.


I can’t be
your pillar of strength
when I feel like crumbling down.
Buckling under
this heavy pressure
and letting these tears fall.
I’m not as strong
as you seem to think
when you come running my way.
I can only
hold you close
and share in the pain
as we cry this long night away.

Not Worth It

I’m not that valuable,
don’t look at me like I am.
I’m tarnished all over
fractured pieces
is all I am.
Don’t treat me like I’m precious,
a treasure beyond compare.
You could find me in the dollar bin
at the back of any store.
Don’t tell me that I’m beautiful.
I’m broken and warped,
all the beauty gone to God-knows-where.
I’m really nothing special,
pick something better for yourself
just let me go.
‘Cause if you hold me dear much longer
I might believe it for myself.