Chasing the High

I’m constantly chasing the high,
that one special moment
of absolute pleasure.
In ecstacy’s embrace,
it melts into my body
and seeps
down to my bones.
There’s an indescribable beauty in it.
Leaving me behind in a haze
of a world made of joy.
But the bliss fades to darkness
and leaves me in the cold.
All I feel is empty,
empty and alone.
Then disgust joins the party
and brings along self-doubt
and I’m sick to the bone.
I remember
the unadulterated high,
the unimaginable pleasure
while it kept me in its arms.
I know despite the misery
I’ll be chasing
that train of bliss.
If only I hadn’t known
pleasure’s consuming kiss.

Prompt: Chasing the High


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