Chasing the High

I’m constantly chasing the high,
that one special moment
of absolute pleasure.
In ecstacy’s embrace,
it melts into my body
and seeps
down to my bones.
There’s an indescribable beauty in it.
Leaving me behind in a haze
of a world made of joy.
But the bliss fades to darkness
and leaves me in the cold.
All I feel is empty,
empty and alone.
Then disgust joins the party
and brings along self-doubt
and I’m sick to the bone.
I remember
the unadulterated high,
the unimaginable pleasure
while it kept me in its arms.
I know despite the misery
I’ll be chasing
that train of bliss.
If only I hadn’t known
pleasure’s consuming kiss.

Prompt: Chasing the High



You’ll never get the full picture
if you’re always on the outside
looking in.
Images become
impossibly distorted.
Just pieces and fragments
are all that you’ll glimpse.
To gain true perspective
you need to be there
in that moment
and the ones that brought you there.
all you’ll have
is just distorted moments.

Prompt: Distorted Image


When I’ve lost myself
and don’t know how to be found
you’re the one to stick by me
when my world is tumbling down.
You never give up on me
even when I’ve given up on myself.
You bring me out of my shell
when I’m hiding out on a shelf.
There’s no greater strength around
than your friendship–
it’s the love I’ve found.

Prompt: Friends


Everyone says
I’m just like you dad.
Each time I hear,
I puff up with pride.
It gives me strength
and makes you feel near.
The man I never knew
cause too young, you died.
Then I saw
the things you did.
My stomach twists
and ties in knots.
You’re the bully
I’ve always faced.
Cruel without reason,
a show-off for cheap laughs.
Now at your mention
I can’t help but feel
so ashamed.

Prompt: Ashamed

You Don’t See Me

When you look at me,
you don’t see me.
You see the hero for your cause,
a soldier standing tall.
You see a pawn to be moved
whichever way you chose.
But you don’t see me.

When you look at me,
you don’t see me.
You see a child to protect
though the world has spun me ‘round.
A boy to be mothered
and stuffed with lots of food.
Yet I can’t seem to object
to the child you see in me.

When you look at me,
you don’t see me.
You see my father in my place,
a friend that’s long since passed.
You frown when I fall short
of that echo from the past
of the man I never knew,
of the man I’ll never be.
But when you look at me,
You never see me.

When you look at me,
you don’t see me.
You see the man that you hate.
You ignore what’s really there
to hold on past grudges.
You see my mother in my eyes,
and my father everywhere else.
You don’t see I’m a lot like you,
inside broken and badly bruised.
You don’t care to see
the parts of me that aren’t him,
because that would mean
you were wrong
and your hate was poorly placed.
But when you look at me,
you don’t see

Prompt: You Don’t See Me

For Every Break

For every break in my heart,
there’s another lie told.
For every crack in the surface,
there’s a tear rolling down.
For every girl broken,
there’s a guy playing ’round.
I wish someone told me
before I became another girl
in that long, long line
starin’ at the pieces
of their heart
as they cry.

Prompt: For Every Break In My Heart

Foolish Heartbreak

In and out
of you fall
’til your heart is broken,
the pieces– small.
Heartbreak is for fools.
Why fall,
if you’ll be crushed.
Don’t give me
those pitying looks.
You’ll be in pieces
and I’ll still be whole.
When you look at me like that,
it makes me think
that I’m the fool.

Prompt: Heartbreak is for Fools