Beginning or End

A beginning or an end?
Which will it be?
The hope for something new
or the dying of a bloom?
The dawning of a day
or the resting of a night?
Starting a new page
or closing the chapter?
I’ve held on so long
and the choice is yours.
Which will you choose?
The beginning of a love?
Or the end of holding on?
A beginning or an end?
Which will it be?

Prompt: Beginning or End


Sealed With a Kiss

You snuck around
behind my back.
Gave sweet promises
never batting an eye.
I’m not the type
who likes to be played.
Hanging on your words
as if they could save.
I’ll end this charade now.
Say goodbye
and seal it with a kiss
as you taste the poison
that lingered on my lips.

Prompt: Sealed With a Kiss


Why do you look so troubled,
whenever I stand near?
I wish we’d be together,
but what holds you back is fear.
I promise I won’t break your heart
if you place your trust in me.
Take a leap of faith, love.
We’ll be happy; just wait and see.

Prompt: Troubled

By the Water

He left one day
to sail out far
and find what riches he may.
He left behind
his bonny lass
promises falling
from his lips
saying he’d return someday.
That bonny lass,
oh she was fair—
her equal you never did see.
She wasted away
standing by the cliff
looking for her love
to pull into the bay.
She spent her whole life waiting.
Waiting from promises
to be fulfilled.
He left,
yet she was the one
to pay.

Prompt: Left Waiting 12/27/16

Christmas Wish

I should probably wish
for something sweet,
something kind
for the world,
not me.
But I’m not that good.
I don’t want
the world to fall,
but world peace
won’t fall from my lips.
I don’t want
the poor to starve,
but that won’t be
my Christmas wish.
There’s so much
I could ask for the world,
but instead I’ll be selfish
because all I want
is for you to be
here next to me,
that’s my Christmas wish.

Prompt: Christmas Wish 12/25/16