Key to My Heart

I once had
the key to my heart,
but then I gave it away.
I thought that he
would treasure it,
instead, he threw it away.
I never thought
I’d see it again.
I believed
it disappeared.
So when you fell
in love with me,
and I told you
of my fears
I never expected
for you to find
my key and hold it dear.

Prompt: Key to My Heart 11/30/16


Buying Happiness

They keep telling me
I can’t buy happiness.
They can’t be right;
I feel like I buy happiness every day.
When I buy food,
I’m glad for the taste
and the hunger it feeds.
When I buy blankets
I smile for the warmth
that it brings.
When I buy flowers
a smile becomes etched
in your loving face.
When I’m fed and warm
and staring at
your adoring grace
I know I’ve bought happiness.
I feel it in your warm embrace.

Prompt: 11/28/16


What hit me first
was always the smell.
It encircled you
and choked the life out.
If you moved fast enough,
you might escape its grasp.
Barely anyone ever escaped.
Some got close,
only to be dragged back
so it could suffocate you properly.
I’ve lost a lot of good men that way.
I was different.
It didn’t want me,
at least not in the traditional way.
It wanted to taunt me.
A cruel game
that would never end
as it took my comrades
one by one.
What hit me first
was always the smell.
It smelled of death
long overdue.

Prompt: Smell 11/26/16

When Will You Come Back

When will you
come back to me?
When will I
be your priority?
After you’ve gone ‘round
and see all there is to see?
Or will you come back
when you find a need for me?
When finally you come home
will I have been
a factor at all?
Or when you return,
will you take your stuff
and be on your merry way again?
But somewhere there’s a doubt,
lying deep within my mind,
perhaps I don’t register at all
in the thoughts
that you hold dear
so when you left
the last time
it was without intent
to return here.

Prompt: When 11/25/16

I Saw You Today

It’s been a while,
and I thought I had come far
from that place I’d been
when it was you and I together.
Then I saw you today,
and you were so far away.
I believed that I
was over you
and prayed to God
that it was true
Then I saw you today,
and all that pain
came back to me.
I’d deluded myself
to think that it would leave.
I’m still hopelessly lost
in a dream of what we could be.
I try to pick the pieces up
but a part of me
just can’t give up
because every time I do,
somehow, I’ll see you.

Prompt: I Saw You Today 11/24/16