Tear Me Down

was to be a night
to remember.
I wasn’t just the know-it-all.
I was more than the brain.
I was beautiful.
I could feel myself glow.
I was more than a pity date.
I was someone’s first choice.
From your mouth,
not a kind word came.
With dagger tongue,
you tore me down.
who was supposed to be my friend,
spat more cruelly than all.
And for what?
Petty jealousy?
Broken pride?
Or was it bitterness,
because while you weren’t looking
someone else noticed me?
Really noticed me.
Hidden behind shelves,
buried in books,
someone noticed me
and saw more
than frizzy hair
and buck teeth.
He saw the girl
and deemed me worthwhile.

Prompt: And For What?


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