Once Loved

What happened to
the open arms
that held me close
with love?
What happened to
those gentle smiles
often shot my way?
What happened to
those tender kisses
that tucked me in
at night?
The soothing touch?
The steady voice?
The love once felt?
Did all that
fade away?
I’d settle for
the shuttered eyes,
the cold dark looks,
the harsh words spilled,
and the distant back
turned away.
While they hurt
so deep inside,
I’d rather have
your frozen love
than be without you
by my side.
If I can’t have that,
then erase the love
that you once freely gave
to me.
This ache I feel
from deep inside
was sprung from knowing
that you once loved me.

Prompt: Hurting All the More From Knowing the Difference


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