He Didn’t Know

She lived next door.
They’d had the same classes every year.
She was never very far.
But he never saw her.
Not really.
She loved him in secret.
Helped him any way she could.
But to him,
she was just a friend.
Someone he’d always known.
Someone who’d always be there.
College came.
They went their separate ways.
He stayed in her heart
and on her mind.
She never lingered in his,
a passing thought every now and then.
An accident happened.
She was gone just like that.
But he didn’t know.
He sent her a message.
It went unanswered.
He supposed they fell out of touch.
It wasn’t until years later
that he found she’d passed.
He was so ashamed,
because he didn’t know.

Prompt: He Didn’t Know


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