We’ve been together
through thick and thin,
the two of us-
how it’s always been.
I took for granted
how it would always be,
never occurred
that you might leave.
I know you’re going,
and it can’t be changed,
but I’m not ready
to say goodbye.
I’m not ready
for it to just be me;
I’m not sure I’ll ever be.
Even when
we didn’t meet,
I took comfort
knowing you were close by.
Who will I run to
when the world becomes too much?
Who will I laugh with
about life’s absurdities?
Who will be
my guiding light
when I’ve lost myself
and can’t find the path back?
You’re my other half.
Who will I be when you’re gone?
When life lets our roads pass again,
who will you be?
Will we still fit
the way we always have?
Or will the new you
and the new me
be someone else’s half?
I love you.
I’ll miss you.
Just, please,
don’t forget me when you’re gone.

Prompt: Gone


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