Not a Child

You look at me
and pass me by.
I can see it in your eyes,
you still think me a child.
You don’t see
who I’ve grown to be.
In your mind,
I’m still at nursery rhymes.
I’m sick and tired
of how you write me off.
Just once,
I’d wish you’d look at me
and see I’m not a child.

Prompt: Not a Child


Tear Me Down

was to be a night
to remember.
I wasn’t just the know-it-all.
I was more than the brain.
I was beautiful.
I could feel myself glow.
I was more than a pity date.
I was someone’s first choice.
From your mouth,
not a kind word came.
With dagger tongue,
you tore me down.
who was supposed to be my friend,
spat more cruelly than all.
And for what?
Petty jealousy?
Broken pride?
Or was it bitterness,
because while you weren’t looking
someone else noticed me?
Really noticed me.
Hidden behind shelves,
buried in books,
someone noticed me
and saw more
than frizzy hair
and buck teeth.
He saw the girl
and deemed me worthwhile.

Prompt: And For What?

Perfectly Imperfect

Countless men,
they praise your smile.
Adoring masses
applaud your grace
and lay treasures
at your feet.
am but a simple man.
I have no gifts
to bestow.
But I will love you
like no other.
It wasn’t your smile
that drew me in,
nor the grace
with which you move.
I fell in love
with your stumbles
and your silent social bumbles.
It was with tears in your eyes
that I longed to hold you.
It was in your imperfections
that I found beauty.

Prompt: Imperfect

Hold On

Don’t look back
unless you long to stumble.
Keep holding on
the journey’s worth the trouble.
Keep head held high
and eyes fixed forward.
The prize you spy at the end
is what you’re moving toward.
Ignore the words of doubt
you always tell yourself
those words are not your friend,
leave them back upon the shelf.
The journey’s worth the trouble
so just keep holding on.
Just around the corner
the day’s about to dawn.

Prompt: Keep Holding On