Left Unsaid

I tried to be honest.
It didn’t suit me well.
I tried to be upfront.
It’s easier to hide.
When it’s all over,
I’m sure there will be much
that I’ve left unsaid.
I may not be honest,
and I may not be forthright,
but know that I love you.
That is my constant.
While there may be loads
that I’ll never tell you,
“I love you”
will never be amongst
the things unsaid.

Prompt: Unsaid


Fly No More

Flying high
free as a bird
my song of joy
unlike any heard.

The trap is set
snapping down
upon my head.

Falling from the sky
with mangled wings
that cannot fly.

Bound and broken
on my knees
begging please
won’t you set me free.

Prompt: Bound


It started with a spark.
It spread so fast,
claiming the house in its wake.
The warm glow
consuming all it touched.
Flickering in my vision.
Dancing all around.
Teasing as it took
all I cared for
to the ground.
Reds and yellows, flashing.
Oranges, shuddering in their laughter.
And as I watch
the terror before my eyes,
I know I’m going to die.

Prompt: Burning


I’m fine.
These aren’t tears you see;
simply eye drops
they felt dry to me.
I’m all right.
These aren’t tears
falling from my eyes;
merely raindrops
tumbling from the sky.
You say there isn’t a cloud in sight?
Then it must be from the sun
for shining too bright.
I’m telling you,
these are not tears,
for what reason have I
to break down and cry?

Prompt: Tears


Standing before the mirror
really starin’ back.
Can’t say I recognize
the girl that’s staring back.
When was it
that I became so weak?
When did I
start running scared?
When did those bags
rest beneath my eyes?
When did I
lose all that weight?
There are bruises
all along my arms
and some upon my face.
My skin looks sallow.
My face, withdrawn.
My curves are gone,
and left in their place
is only flesh and bone.
When did I
become so tired?
When did the light
decide to leave my eyes?
I stand before the mirror
and have no idea
when I became
a stranger staring back.

Prompt: Beaten

My Wish for You

I wish you comfort
for when you’re down,
when you’re weak,
and when you’re scared.
I wish you courage
to take that step
to the things you want,
and to speak out.
I wish you joy
like the joy you’ve brought me
and so many others.
I wish you love
even if it’s not with me.
You deserve it,
despite what you think.
But above all,
I wish you happiness
in all that you do
because you brighten the world
just by being you.

Prompt: My Wish for You