If Only I’d Known

If only I’d known
it was I who bore the curse,
maybe you’d be alive.
Maybe this wouldn’t hurt.
I could wonder maybes all day long
but the facts still would never change:
I’d still be missing you
consumed in my own guilt,
you’d still be lying in my arms
having died at my own hand.
Our future, that
had once seemed bright
draining to the color of blood
to match my deep red cloak.
If only I’d known
it was I who bore the curse,
maybe you’d be alive.
Maybe this wouldn’t hurt.

Prompt: If Only I’d Known


I Love You

Your mouth
has never uttered those words.
I can’t bring myself to care though​
because you say “I love you”
with every single breath.
You say it with your hands
when you wrap them up in mine
and in each reassuring squeeze.
You say it with your arms
each time you hold me a little tighter.
You say it with your strides
when they pick up at the sight of me.
You say it with your legs
when you come running at my call.
You say it with your eyes
when you’re staring deep in mine.
You say it with your ears
when you listen ’til I’m through.
You way it with your heart
when it speeds up at my touch.
You say it with your lips
in every single kiss.
I love all the ways
you tell me that you love me;
it’s there in your every breath.

Prompt: I Love You


They say I’m crazy
from the look in my eyes.
They don’t understand
why I do what I do.
They say I’m crazy
’cause I let myself be known,
never bothering to hide
what others keep inside.
Yet they turn on their neighbors,
putting guns to their heads.
They wear fake smiles
when the light of day shines down,
but speak ill of their “friends”
when those friends turn away.
So turn to them,
then turn to me,
look me in the eyes,
and tell me I’m crazy.

Prompt: Crazy

Don’t Comfort Me

How dare you try
to make it better,
when you’re the one
that put me here.
You can’t b r e a k my heart
and try to mend it too.
You chose to walk away,
you can’t do that and stay.
I need to move on,
but I can’t do that
if each time I move forward
you’re there pulling me back:
asking me if I’m okay,
how I’m doing,
if I wanna hang out.
Just stop!
I’m not okay,
and it’s YOU
who made me that way.
Maybe someday I’ll recover,
if you’d just stay the hell away.
Don’t comfort me,
when you’re the reason I’m broken.

Prompt: Don’t Comfort Me


When we rage,
it carries in shouts and curses.
Our sadness is much the same,
lashing out in pain.
In darker times,
we strike out in vengeance​,
every word
meant to kill or maim.
There are many times
when we shout out loud:
when we hurt,
in times of justice
and pride,
and there are times we do it
to feel alive.
Oh, but when it comes to things that matter,
we say it quietly
because things like love
are said best
when they’re spoken in whispers.

Prompt: Whispers