An Awfully Big Adventure

The boy swept in
on a trail of belief.
He was armed in magic
and inspired hope in their hearts.
He spoke of adventure
and possibilities.
As the children listened
they grew in want and need.
At his ushering,
they stepped up on the ledge
and the world outside beckoned.
They took the step off
and flew to the fairy-tale land.
If they had waited any longer,
their parents could have stopped them.
Their mother checked their beds,
frantic to see them there.
Their father checked the closet,
sending up a quiet prayer.
They both hit their knees
and let their tears fall,
wailing out in pain,
they couldn’t find their kids at all.
The children didn’t hear their cries,
they didn’t see their pain.
They only heard the boy’s laughter,
tinkling in their ears like rain.
The children played with fairies,
danced with mermaids,
and fought some pirates too.
They forgot about their cares,
their home,
and parents too.
But all the way back in London,
their parents held only grief
as they looked upon the bodies
of their children at their feet.

Prompt: Death Will Be an Awfully Big Adventure


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