Hopeless Love

So quickly,
the future went
from looking bright
to feeling bleak.
Her hope,
as lost
as her white lace gloves.
Not an hour ago,
she felt the rush
of her first kiss,
the warmth
of his hands in hers.
But the cruel reality
was never far,
and lurked its spiteful head
around the bend.
Despite their love,
they would never be,
and her brothers words
throwing the truth
of her hopeless situation
in her face
was not what she needed.
Her hand stung
with heated spite
before her mind
held judgment.
She looked at him
and burned with shame,
after all, it wasn’t his fault
she felt this pain.

Prompt: Hopeless Love

*Was inspired by the book I’m reading “Wendy Darling” by Colleen Oakes


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