I used to sit right here
and stare.
I prayed
he would turn my way
and smile.
We would fall in love.
I told you my fantasies.
I told you my dreams.
You just listened
to this silly girl
as she spun her tales.
Never once
did he pay me any mind.
When he finally turned my way,
he looked right through me.
Still I dreamed of romance.
I wanted something real.
It wasn’t until
I released the dream,
and saw you there
in front of me
that I finally realised
all this time
it was me who was blind.

Prompt: Blind



I am more than the skin you see.
More than the air I breathe.
More than the intelligence inside me.
I. Am. More.
I am a world of potential,
a great ball of hope,
consumed with a passion
that widely goes unknown.
I. Am. More.
I am more than the labels
used to define me.
More than your expectations
and disappointments.
More than a weight,
age, or a face.
I. Am. More
I am thoughts without limits,
words outside a cage.
I am love,
even when it hurts.
I. Am. More.

Prompt: More

‘Til the End of the Line

I’ve got your back,
whatever it takes.
I’m with you
’til the end of the line.
Words that you’ve said
buzz around in my head.
I know you’re long gone,
but I can’t stop searching
high and low
for any trace,
even just your memory.
I look where we’ve been
and know you’re not there.
My heart still clings
to the phantom you in my head.
But then you’re not dead,
yet you’re still beyond my reach.
I’ll never give up on you,
’cause from the very beginning
it’s always been
you and me
facing the world.
I won’t fight you;
I can’t.
So on the off-chance you’ll remember,
I’ll give you
the words
you gave to me.
I’m with you
’til the end of the line.

Prompt: ‘Til the End of the Line


I try to hold myself together
but I’m still afraid I’ll break.
I over analyze
your every word
trying to discern
your meaning.
Don’t touch me,
unless you mean it.
Don’t act like you care,
if you don’t.
If you give me hope
then deny me,
it won’t matter
how hard
I hold myself together.
If you pretend to love me,
I’ll break.

Prompt: Don’t Touch Me

Anything You Ask

If you asked for the moon,
I’d give the stars too.
If you asked for happiness,
I’d make sure that smile
never left your face.
If you asked for money,
I’d bathe you in wealth.
I’ll never leave you wanting
because from now until forever
you’re my everything.
You’ll never have to ask for my time,
you have it.
You’ll never have to ask for devotion,
in my eyes,
you have no equal.
You’ll never have to ask for my heart,
because it’s already yours.

Prompt: Anything You Ask

Okay to Cry

When things get rough
and the world tries to beat you down
until you’ve had enough,
it’s okay to cry.
When people are cruel
in words and deed
to enforce another’s rule,
it’s okay to scream.
When you can’t take any more
and you just want an out
through any provided door,
it’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to scream.
And even if you can’t stop,
rise up and stand tall
though your tears continue to fall.
Hold your head up high
and be brave.
Power on,
because you are strong,
even though you feel weak.
It’s going to be okay
if you just carry on.

Prompt: Cry

When the Lights Go Down

When the lights go down,
I’ll meet you in the park.
When the moon’s up high,
I’ll dance without a care.
When the stars come out,
I’ll let myself be free.
When day turns to night,
and it’s just you and me,
I’ll lay myself bare
and make my own mark.
When the lights go down,
I’ll show you my heart…
but only after dark.

Prompt: When the Lights Go Down


“How lovely,”
they all say.
I want to tell them
they’re wrong.
Each stroke of that brush,
on that portrait so fair,
makes my skin crawl.
Makes me want to scream,
“Why can’t you all see?
The girl in the portrait,
she’s not me!”
With her smile
frozen on her face
and not a hair
out of place.
She makes me feel trapped
in the person
I’ll never be.

Prompt: Portrait