To My Other Half

It’s in the little things you do,
from every simple touch
to every single kiss.
I love how you wake me
each morning before you leave,
and if I’m asleep,
when you return at night.
I love that we share dreams
along with mundane chores.
It’s turning me head and knowing
you’ll always be at my side.
With you I feel stronger,
like I can take on anything.
With you I feel braver,
because I don’t have to be afraid.
With you I feel smarter,
because you challenge me to grow.
Is it really any wonder
that I light up like a Christmas tree
each time I see your face?
You’re my other half.
With you, I am complete.
And when I see your smile,
I know you feel the same about me.

Prompt: To My Other Half


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