Stuck in a car.
Trapped in your company.
You prattle on
to your unwilling audience,
saying the things
I don’t want to hear.
My only way out
is through that door;
we’re moving too fast
for that to be an option.
Yet I can’t stop thinking
on my dead-end alternative.

Prompt: Stuck



It starts as a whisper
in the back of my mind.
Then it grows louder
with every new chime.
Echoing over and over again.
I try to ignore it,
to shut it all out.
As it consumes me
and pushes me down,
all I’m left hearing
are the voices in my head.

Prompt: Echo


You shine so bright,
at times you blind me.

In your shadow’s where I stay,
head is down and turned away.

I looked up to you,
like everyone else.
That time has passed
so long ago.

In your shadow’s where I dwell,
in my on piece of hell.

Devotion turned
to hate and envy.
Who else here,
can really blame me?
Always so perfect,
you shine like a beacon
creating dark shadows
for me to grow up in.

In your shadow’s where I’ll stay,
until someone comes and snuffs the light of day.

Prompt: In Your Shadow


Each time you open your mouth up
and let your feelings fly,
I feel each brand new scar
you decide to “gift” me.
I now expect the acid
that comes with every word.
I’ve learned to build my skin up
like the armour for a knight.
Even with my defences,
my rage just won’t subside.
I want to hurt you back
and leave you crippled from inside.

Prompt: Hurt


I thought I knew where I was headed,
but I seem to have lost my way.
Everyone keeps shouting directions,
each pulling me this way and that.
The lines become blurred
on the path I once followed,
still I stumble onward
until I’m just hopelessly

Prompt: Lost


When your problems
seem to devour the world,
and all of the world’s problems
are getting too big,
as you watch them grow,
take a good look around
and a moment to realise
that all of those problems
only amount to peanuts
so just move on and smile
and brush those peanuts away.

Prompt: Peanuts

Trying for the Stars

I spent my life reaching
for what every one said
was unattainable.
Always trying
Always striving
for just that little bit more.
“What a waste
of a perfectly good life,”
they would say.
With their feet planted
on the ground
and all their heads
turned down,
they were frozen in place.
As for me,
I kept reaching
and for a moment
I touched the stars.

Prompt: Touching Stars