Won’t You Have Some Tea?

Down through the rabbit hole you go
falling to the floor.
Once you stand
back and forth you run.
Be cautious, my friend,
that way holds danger,
the likes of which, you’ve never known.
But if you stay
right where you are,
we’ll have a nice old chat
and perhaps a cup of tea.
What a marvelous idea,
if I do say so.
Sit down, sit down.
Pull up a chair
and stay a while.
Have a biscuit on me,
and we mustn’t forget the tea.
Don’t leave just yet.
We’ve just begun.
We’ll chat the night away
just you and me.
Forget your worries.
Forget your cares.
By the way,
while you’re here,
won’t you have some tea?

Prompt: Won’t You Have Some Tea?


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