Screeching Tires

The music blared throughout the car. They sang along between their laughter, sounding more loud than good. Wind whipped through the open windows mussing up their hair as it went. They laughed all the louder for it.
Their laughter died on their lips as a car’s tires screeched around the turn. It was heading straight for them. Becka forgot how to breathe. Nate tried to adjust their car to avoid a collision, but it was already too late.
Their car spun out in a dizzying dance. Someone screamed. It might have been her. The glare of headlights streaked in and out of her vision as their car kept spinning. Becka looked at Nate with terror in her eyes. Nate mirrored her expression. She sent up a silent thank you to God that Michelle hadn’t been able to come.
It felt like ages before the spinning stopped. A few brief moments until their car smashed into a wall of rock with a sickening crunch. Her had slammed into the window. She could make out a horn blaring in, what sounded like, the distance. Becka’s head throbbed. She tried to move it, but it felt so heavy. Her mind felt sluggish, foggy. Becka managed to angle her head enough to catch sight of Nate crumpled over the steering wheel. She struggled to hold onto consciousness, but it was a losing battle.
She couldn’t pass out now; she needed to make sure Nate was alive. Becka reached for Nate shakily. Her hand just barely managed to touched him before she succumbed to the darkness.

Prompt: As the tires screeched around the turn


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