10… The numbers blared on the screen counting down the seconds until the comet hit.
Bennett looked across the room to Melanie. This was it. His last chance. If he didn’t go now, he’d never get to talk to her.
He took a deep breath, a futile attempt at calming his nerves. He could do this. And if he kept repeating that to himself, he might actually believe it. He started to walk in her direction.
Melanie didn’t seem to notice him at all, but for Bennett she was all he saw. The room was feeling much hotter than he felt it should. With any luck, he wouldn’t pass out until after he spoke with Melanie. By then, it wouldn’t matter anyway.
7… The chatter of students on the phone with their parents melted into a gentle buzz around him.
Bennett didn’t feel nearly prepared enough by the time he got across the room. His hands felt clammy and he spent a good minute opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish before Melanie looked up and noticed him.
“Did you need something? Would you like to borrow my phone?” She tilted her head, giving him a concerned look.
“I-I…I,” will hopefully manage more than the word I, he berated internally.
5… The comet was coming closer. It was now or never.
Bennett closed his eyes, took a breath, and tried again. “I’m in love with you. I’ve loved you ever since you helped me in freshman year.”
Melanie’s eyes were wide.
“I just, I didn’t want everything to end without ever having gotten to tell you.” He looked down at his feet. His face heated with his embarrassment. Melanie’s eyes softened, but Bennett was too distracted to notice.
“I wish you had told me sooner.” Melanie leaned up and kissed Bennett on the lips. Smiling, as she pulled back. “We could’ve been something.”
Bennett looked at her intently. “I wish I had said something sooner too, but I was scared.”
Melanie nodded her understanding. “and when we’re all about to die,
there’s not much point in being afraid to take chances.”
“Yeah… I didn’t count on the happiest moment of my life being so bittersweet though.”
Melanie laughed. “I know the feeling.” She reached for his hand…

Prompt: Write a story with a countdown starting at 10 and ending at 0.


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