Soldier of the Knight

I should’ve stopped it
before it began,
but you helped to soothe the darkness
eating away at this man.
So I showed you the ropes
and how to stand tall,
to always fight for justice
whenever it may call.
Then I stood by and watched
as each of you fell,
one after another,
into my personal hell.
So rest now, my soldier.
Give up the fight.
Remove the heavy mantle,
the curse of the night.

Prompt: Soldier



I’m just another soldier
in this great big fight.
I know I’ve let you down,
but perhaps I’ve done some right.
Our city’s still bleak,
but we’ll keep on fighting
following in your stead,
just like our broken general,
until all of us are dead.

Prompt: Soldier

Let Down

I feel small
and I feel fragile.
How could you do this to me?
When did I give you so much power?
Your words cut deep
and leave me in pieces on the ground.
You never seem to notice
the effect you have on me.
When did you start
to matter so much?
If I could’ve stopped it
before it began,
I don’t know if I would.
I wish it didn’t
hurt quite so much
each time you let me down.

Prompt: Let Down

You Don’t Have to Be…

You don’t have to be a star
to go far.
You don’t have to be a priest
to believe.
No one in the world
can rival who you are
just so long as you believe.
You don’t have to be a hero
to save a life.
You don’t have to be big
to make a change.
You just need to make a choice
and follow through
’til the end.
You don’t have to be a star
for the world to see your shine,
you just have to be you
through and through.

Prompt: You Don’t Have to be a Star


The more certain
I think I am,
the more bewildered
I find myself.
I thought I knew
which way was up
and which was down
but then they changed the rules.
I was so sure
I knew what I was doing,
where I was going.
When I look up,
I see that I’ve
been fumbling all along.
I get more lost
with each step I take,
yet I can’t help
taking another
and another.
Somewhere deep
inside myself,
I know I’d rather be
lost and moving
than standing still and found.

Prompt: Bewildered

Won’t You Have Some Tea?

Down through the rabbit hole you go
falling to the floor.
Once you stand
back and forth you run.
Be cautious, my friend,
that way holds danger,
the likes of which, you’ve never known.
But if you stay
right where you are,
we’ll have a nice old chat
and perhaps a cup of tea.
What a marvelous idea,
if I do say so.
Sit down, sit down.
Pull up a chair
and stay a while.
Have a biscuit on me,
and we mustn’t forget the tea.
Don’t leave just yet.
We’ve just begun.
We’ll chat the night away
just you and me.
Forget your worries.
Forget your cares.
By the way,
while you’re here,
won’t you have some tea?

Prompt: Won’t You Have Some Tea?

She Believed Him

She asked him where he was going.
He said he was going to hang with the guys.
She believed him.
He told her she was too nosey
so she held her questions.
Why wouldn’t she?
She believed him.
He told her that he loved her,
that she was the only one.
She believed him.
Even when
the truth laid out before her eyes
she ignored what she saw,
she buried her doubts,
and she believed him.
When he left,
he told her that he’d come back.
So she watched him get in the car
with another girl,
she ignored the breaks in her heart,
and she believed him.

Prompt: She Believed Him