Still Breathing

I’m still breathing
but… oh God,
I wish I wasn’t.
Each breath
feels like fire down my throat.
And if I didn’t know better,
I’d say I was shot in the head.
Today was supposed to be fun.
You and me.
A trip to the beach
to lay in the sun.
Well, I’m certainly laying alright.
The glare of the fluorescents
is blinding and cold,
nothing like the sun’s warmth.
No one will tell me,
what’s happened to you.
It’s starting to unnerve me.
They tell me it was a car
and walking’s going to be hard.
More words come at me,
but they’re all just a blur.
I power through
the broken glass feeling
stuck in my throat
to ask for you again.
The room goes silent.
Some avert their eyes.
They stumble to change the subject.
I guess I have my answer.
I don’t remember breathing
being so hard.

Prompt: I’m Still Breathing, But Oh God I Wish I Wasn’t


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