I Never Meant to Ruin Us

“For you I have
but one rule to follow,”
my mother’d always say.
“Close your eyes.
Close them tight.
Bad things may happen
should you decide to disobey.
So close your eyes.
Close them tight,
and never find cause to open them.
Only this I pray.”
I kept her words
locked in my heart
and lived my day to day.
Then came you,
a shining light
coming to brighten the way.
I fell in love,
and you did too.
We thought we’d be together
come what may.
But your curiosity festered
with each day that passed
until you looked into my eyes,
and I allowed it.
We didn’t yet know
the price to pay.
You turned to stone
before my very eyes.
You were gone,
and my heart died.
My whole world
felt suddenly gray.
I never meant
to ruin us,
or to feel my heart
as it cracked.
I should’ve listened to my mother
and the singe rule she gave.

Prompt: I Never Meant to Ruin Us


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