Puppy Love

Looking into
those big chocolate brown eyes,
I know no one can love me
quite like he does.
So purely and fully.
No end ever in sight.

He loves me without care
of my mood
or what I decide to wear.
He loves me when I smell
and even when I forget to brush my hair.

He cheers me up when I’m sad,
distracts me when I’m mad,
just being near him makes me glad.

Every time I come home,
he bounds my way.
He lets me know
I can be loved,
even when I think
I don’t deserve it.

He licks my face
until a smile appears.
But best of all,
he always seems to know
when it’s a snuggle I need.
He’ll wiggle in close,
and let me hold him tight.
Sometimes I think,
he’s what gets me through the night.
When I’m feeling down,
all I have to do
is look into those big, brown, loving eyes.

Prompt: Non-Romantic Love


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