What’s Love

What does
the word love mean?
I thought I knew once,
but I’ve long since forgot.
I could’ve sworn I felt it too,
just like others say they do,
but now I’m not so sure.
I think that I
may’ve had it wrong from the start.
They tell me it’s
what mommys and daddys do
when they have a kid,
but that can’t be right…
or is love supposed to hurt?
Every time
they look my way
their faces scrunch up in pain.
When they can’t take anymore
the words fly
and then come the fists.
They seem more hurt than me,
because I may scream,
but it’s from their faces
that the tears always fall.
Maybe I’m just broken
so it comes out wrong
or maybe that’s not love at all.
What does
the word love mean?
I thought I knew once,
I’ve long since forgot.

Prompt: What Does the Word Love Mean?


One by One

Like ants they march,
one by one,
to their deaths,
toward the sun.

Little by little,
they fall away
into the grave
then to heaven, I pray.

More join in
to replace those lost,
never knowing
the ultimate cost.

Yet still they march
as others fall,
one by one
to the devil’s call.

Prompt: One by One


When your world
is crumbling down,
I’ll be your shield
from the pain around.

What’s this I see?
You’re trying to fly?
Trying to be free?
You’ve almost got it.
No, that can’t be.
Why can’t you suffer
just like me?

I’ll steal your youth.
Watch as it all bleeds out.
I’ll clip those wings
and watch as you fall.
Let me see you suffer
from the world’s cold embrace.
Please look to me
with tears down your face.

Don’t worry, baby.
Mama’s got you
nice and safe.

Prompt: Jealousy

Empty and Used

It wasn’t like you see in movies
or read in story books.
I thought it meant you loved me too,
instead of just my looks.
I thought that I’d feel complete,
but now I’m empty inside.
Each time you look my way, smirk in place,
I want to run and hide.
I feel like I’ve lost a part of me
and I can’t even say you stole it
because I gave it up with pride.
So I’m left feeling
empty and used
because I believed
the media’s lies.

Prompt: Empty and Used

With Every Break of My Heart

I wish I could love you
without holding back
but I’ve been here before
time and again
each time leaving
another break in my heart.
I wish I could give you
a love without limits,
but I’m sorry
I can’t.
I’m terrified you’ll hurt me
like others before.
Each time that this happens
I’m left a little more broken
trying to hold
my remaining shattered pieces
together with bleak hope.
But I don’t have much left
and so I hold back.
I know it’s not fair
to give a heart so broken,
but if you’ll be kind
I’ll try one more time
and love you
with every piece of my heart.

Prompt: With Every Break of My Heart


I should’ve tried harder,
but instead I walked away.
I gave up all the good we had
when the rain came pouring down.
I told you that I loved you
but when trouble came,
I turned and ran.
We could’ve been great together,
if I hadn’t screwed it up.
I should’ve stayed by your side,
but instead I walked away.
I should’ve tried harder,
but that time’s gone.
Now it’s just too little too late.

Prompt: I Should’ve Tried Harder


It’s funny how
such a thing
could feel mocking.
It delivers its killing blow.
It chuckles
in the face
of your frustration.
And all it needs to do
is sit there
staring up at you,
you have nothing of consequence
to put down,
to bleed out,
to breathe into existence.
So it continues to stare,
to mock,
to laugh
while you battle muses
for an ounce of creativity.
Just a spark
to ignite your imagination.

Prompt: Blank Sheet of Paper