“No more. I can’t take anymore,” Jess groaned.
“Just one more, then we can stop.” Anna’s eyes pleaded as much as her words.
“Nooooo. If I have to watch one more of these dumb movies, I don’t think I’ll ever recover.” Jess dragged a hand down her face. She paused and then struck a overly dramatic woe-is-me pose. “In fact, it may already be too late.”
“They’re not that bad.” Anna’s face became indignant. She whacked Jess with a nearby throw pillow. Jess caught the pillow as Anna tried to smack her again.
“I’m pretty sure my brain melted and trickled out my ears.”
Anna gave a huff. “You’re exaggerating. I think you like them secretly.”
Jess plastered a large fake smile on her face. “If by ‘like’ you mean ‘despise’, then you’ve hit the nail on the head.” Her voice oozed insincere cheer.
“One more won’t kill you,” Anna whined and tugged Jess’s arm back and forth. Jess threw a glare without heat at her friend.
“Hate to break it to you, Love, butI reached my limit… about three hours ago. Those puppy dog eyes of yours can only take you so far.” Anna opened her mouth to retort, but Jess beat her to the punch. “Their effectiveness ended at the point I started considering gouging out my own eyes with a spoon as an escape plan.”
Anna winced. “Why do you have to be so gross?”
“Because you need to be kept on your toes.” Jess smirked.
Anna groaned before muttering, “dork.”
Jess just laughed.

Prompt: I’ve Reached My Limit


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