The paper wasn’t anything special, just something torn from his notebook. It was no longer crisp and white, yellowing from time and worn from use. The ink wasn’t remarkable, merely blue or black- whatever had been on hand. The words were no sonnets. The pictures, mere doodles and poorly drawn at that.
Every word etched on those papers spoke of a love that was hers. They spoke of dreams and hopes, memories and emotion. Each word was meant for her alone. Every doodle, an attempt to ply a smile or a laugh.
They were her greatest treasure.
Handing over the promises of her youth felt like she was handing over her soul. But for her baby, for his child, she was willing to make that sacrifice.
Nick had given her three things, each more precious than the last. He had given her the letters. She cried as she watched them leave her hands. He had given her a love to rival all loves. Even if he was no longer here, his love would always be with her. And he had given her Luce, a perfect blend of their features. For their baby, she could lose her treasures. For their baby, she would be strong.

Prompt: Habseligkeiten- (noun. plural)- Voted the most beautiful German word, the concept of Habseligkeiten is stunning yet, difficult to explain. Literally defined as belongings, Habseligkeiten are the small treasures and property, which define our happiness and sentiments. Although these possessions hold a dear place in our heart, they are useless to another person, such as a gold coin a child found during a treasure hunt in the woods. Overall, Habseligkeiten is characterized as beautiful personal belongings, which evolve from personal meanings: compassionate or sad attachments.


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