When “You” and “I” Became “We”

We met in school.
She came to watch my band.
She always stood out,
so wild and free.
Her every laugh
brought out my smiles.
I thought she was crazy
in the most stunning way possible.
I tried to ignore her,
but she always caught my eye.
And when I looked at her,
really looked at her,
I could see my future in her eyes.
Kids came far too soon,
and life came crashing down.
She gave me her hand,
and we made it through.
I got a job.
She graduated early.
Years flew by,
before I seemed to notice.
She’s still my biggest fan,
and she still lights up my life.
After all this time,
I still see my future
every time I look in her eyes.


He was sturdy and dependable.
Listening to him on the drums,
I could swear
he was keeping my heart’s time.
Every beat.
Each quickening
and slowing
perfectly marked on his instrument.
He caught my eye,
and I was lost.
He was always so certain
and steadfast.
I was all twists and curves.
When placed together,
we fit like two puzzle pieces
searching for one another all along.
The promise of children
on their way far too soon,
I found it terrifying.
He made a new plan
and offered his hand.
Regardless the obstacle,
if he was there,
I could face anything.
We’ve weathered our trials,
and came out thriving.

Prompt: Soul Mate


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