I’ll follow your lead
where ever you decide to go.
I’ll plaster on a bright smile
so that you’re all none the wiser.
My every step is a lie
leading me deeper into hiding.
I play the perfect marionette
because when they pull my strings
they’re willing to believe my lies.
Maybe someday I’ll chose to break free,
but for now
I prefer to hide
with my broken heart
and empty smiles.

Prompt: Hiding


Only a Kiss

It was only a glance,
so why are my cheeks turning red?
It was only a brush of fingers,
so why is my mind in a haze?
It was only a dance,
so why does it feel
like the world’s standing still?
It was only a kiss,
so why is my heart pounding so fast?
It was only a kiss.

Prompt: Only a Kiss


Promise me you’ll be happy
long after I’ve gone.
Promise me you’ll grow up
big and strong.
Standing up for what you believe in.
Promise me you’ll stay young at heart.
Seeing the magic around every corner.
Promise me you’ll cry when you need to.
Let it wash through and refresh you.
Promise me you’ll love
without holding anything back.
Promise me you’ll never forget
who you are and who you want to be.
Promise me you’ll live
like it’s going out of style.
like there won’t be a tomorrow.
Promise me.

Prompt: Promise Me


They keep telling me
the best things in life are free.
Why be rich,
when you can be rich with love?
Rich with devotion?
Rich with time?
I look around
and there’s so much I wanna buy.
I’m certainly not rich with money.
And I don’t feel rich in love,
or devotion,
or time.
I’m rich in sarcasm
and losing my mind.

Prompt: Rich With

The Girl in the Mirror

There’s a girl in my mirror.
She tells me things
I don’t want to hear.
I turn my head
but she won’t go away.
She’s there when I wake,
and she’s there when I sleep.
Her eyes look tired.
Her posture look sad.
I tried something new.
When I looked her in the face today
I spoke first.
You’re pretty.
just as you are.
The girl in the mirror smiled
as she said my words back.

Prompt: The Girl in the Mirror

Just a Little

Just a little less hurt
and a little more love
makes it shine.
Just a little more work
and a little more care
makes it matter.
Just a little less tears
and a little more smiles
makes you stay.
Does it matter if it’s fake?
Does it matter if I’m empty?
If I pretend for just a little bit,
you’ll still care.
I’ll still matter.
You’ll stay here,
and I’ll still shine.

Prompt: Just a Little