Beautiful Lie

I look at you.
You smile for me.
I wrap my arms around you.
You hold me close.
I tell you I love you.
You say it back.
None of it’s real.
It’s just a beautiful lie.
We both know it.
You look at me,
and wish I was her.
You’re right here,
but she has your heart.
I was too selfish
to let you go
and so here you stay.
We both act our parts,
and I pretend it’s real.
I almost believe it is,
but then your mask will slip.
Not a lot,
but enough to remind me.
No matter how many times
you tell me ‘I love you’
you’ll always be hers,
your words will never be mine,
not really…
even as we’re trapped
in this beautiful lie.

Prompt: Beautiful Lie


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