Carving Tired

I tried holding my hands steady as I carved into the wood. They trembled regardless. My eyes felt heavy and my mind was losing focus. Four hours had passed since I began. My arms were becoming more and more sluggish, as though weighted with lead. Still, I tried to power through my tiredness. I hit a knot in the wood and my hand jerked.
Pain surged through my hand as blood gushed from the path my knife had driven. My assistant glanced up at the sound.
“Did you cut your hand?”
“I’ll be fine.” He quirked an eyebrow at me disbelievingly.
“Take over; will you?” He nodded and took my place as I moved to fix my hand. The gash left by the knife looked even worse under the light. I guess I’m lucky it hadn’t gone through my hand. Regardless, it’s gonna be a long night.

Prompt: Did you cut your hand?


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