Is Anyone There?

Is anyone there?
Can you hear me?
Does anyone care?
It’s dark
and I’m scared.
I’m lost
and I’m cold.
I don’t know the way out.
So please…
if anyone’s out there,
can you come near?
Help me leave this place.
Can anyone hear me?
Or am I the only one here?”

Prompt: Write something beginning with the word “Hello”


I’ll Rise Up

Hit me with your best shot,
give it your all.
I’ll rise up better
than ever before.
I’ll Overcome my weakness.
I’ll fight my way on top.
Hit me with your best shot.
I’ll never stop.
I’ll become someone new.
Not tired or haggard,
just watch me bloom.
Hit me with your best shot.
I won’t back down.

Prompt: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Knowing Better

If I didn’t know better,
I’d say you loved me.
If I didn’t know better,
I’d say you cared.
If I didn’t know better,
I’d cherish those nights we shared.
When you held me in your arms,
and made me feel special.
If I didn’t know better,
I’d have thought it was real.
But I do know better,
so I’ll hold my head up high,
wish you well,
and tell you goodbye.

Prompt: Knowing Better


Betrayed. Stabbed in the back. Used. However you want to put it. I didn’t expect it. Then again, how many people expect to be betrayed? I rather expect they wouldn’t put forth the trust if they did.
Someone once told me that real friends stab you in the front, that way you see it coming every step of the way. Personally, I think real friends wouldn’t stab you at all. They should remove the knife others have embedded and heal the scars left behind. Seeing the betrayal before it happens doesn’t make it hurt less; it just makes you a fool for still believing they’ll stop.

Prompt: Real Friends Stab You in the Front


I’m slowly sinking.
I’m going in too deep.
The harder I struggle,
the faster I fall.
It’s hard to breathe,
and I can’t think straight.
I see no exit
over the troubles pulling me down.
My only light,
the sun beating down.
It offers no help
not any that can be found.
So I struggle.
I fight to be free.
But a world of troubles
is still holding tight onto me.

Prompt: Quicksand

Don’t Look at Me

When I’m feeling weak and down,
Don’t look at me.
When I’m hurting
or screaming out
to keep from crying,
Don’t look at me.
Wait’til my mask is in place
and ignore its cracks.
I don’t want you to see me fall
or the times when I’m less than “me”.
I don’t want to shatter your image.
When you look at me,
I want you to see a pillar of strength,
an unbreakable wall.
I want you to see your hero.
So when I’m falling apart,
Don’t look at me.

Prompt: Don’t Look at Me

Tell Me Lies

You think I don’t see you creepin’
out on the town
with girls from around.
You’re no good at sneakin’
but so long as you don’t say it
I can believe it’s not true.
You look me in the eyes
like you’ve got somethin’ to say.
But I don’t wannna hear it.
Tell me you love me.
Say it’s only me for you.
Tell me we’re forever.
Don’t say you’re leaving.
Don’t say we’re through.
When you look me in the eyes,
spare my feelings,
tell me lies.

Prompt: Tell Me Lies

I Am

It wasn’t until
I stopped looking in others’ eyes
that I realized
I. Am. Enough.
Just as I am.
I ceased to be
too fat
too loud
too dumb.
I was just me.
When I look in the mirror
that’s who I see.
While looking through my own eyes,
I’m someone worthwhile.
It makes me
It makes me me.
And I am enough.

Prompt: I am Enough