“Hey, Pigtails, if you’re gonna a stand around, mind not doing it in the hallway?”
Pigtails, as she was dubbed,turned around confused.
“Are you talking to me?”
“Do you see anyone else takin’ up residence in the hall?”
“You can see me.”
“Freak much? Gawd, would you just get out of the way already?” She tapped her foot impatiently to help get her annoyance across. An effort that was in vain it seemed. Pigtails lit up like a Christmas tree.
“You can see me! You’re talking to me!” She bounced in place and lightly bit her bottom lip. “You’re really talking to me.”
“Not like it’s doing me any good.” She rolled her eyes. “You know what? Forget it. I’ll find a different way.” She flung her hands up in exasperation before turning and walking the other way.
“Wait!” Pigtails jogged to catch up. “Please, it’s been so long since someone last spoke to me.”
“Can’t imagine why; you’re such a sparkling conversationalist after all.”
“Please… I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
“Well I’d suggest not standing in the way if you want to make friends.”
Pigtails gave an empty laugh. “It doesn’t matter. They just go right through me anyway.”
“You’re kinda depressing. Ever think maybe that’s why you don’t have any friends? Nobody likes a Gloomy Gus.”
Pigtails just laughed. ” Yeah, I don’t think my disposition’s the problem.”

Prompt: Are you talking to me?


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