Bitten by Love

He watched as her eyes dilated. Next, her body started to tremble. She wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to contain herself. Against her will, her eye trailed from his eyes to his neck. It had been over a week since her last feeding. She looked like she was losing the war against her sanity.
“Hey. C’mon, talk to me. We’ll get through this.”
Her eyes snapped back up to his eyes. She shakily opened and closed her mouth a few times before managing to force out any words.
“I…” She closed her eyes for a minute, taking a few steadying breaths before continuing. “I don’t know if I’m strong enough to hold myself back until someone lets us out of here.” Every word was strained with effort. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. Her teeth throbbed with her hunger.
“You’re doing great. Just a little bit longer…”
She could hear his heart beat melting over the sound of his voice. Her eyes strayed back to the pulse point in his neck. It might have been her imagination, but she thought she could hear his blood rushing through his veins with every beat of his heart. She could feel her resolve slipping. Why was she fighting so hard to deny herself? Giving in would be so gratifying. She licked her lips.
She reluctantly dragged her vision back to his face. She watched as he stood up and walked to her. The warmth of his hands on her cheeks jolted her from her thoughts for the moment.
“Anthea, you can do this. We’ll get out of her, and everything will be okay. Alright?”
She nodded. His hands on her cheeks helped to focus her mind, grounding her in a way his voice alone hadn’t done.
“I love you, Jeremy. Thanks for the pep-talk.” She laughed lightly. “I needed it. Could you just hold my hand? Your touch helps.”
“Anything you need.” He shifted to sit next to her, taking her hand in his as he went. “And Thea?” When her eyes met his, he took that as the cue to continue. “I love you too.”
“Thank you.” Her hunger was still there but as she focused on the warmth she felt from his words, it felt more manageable.
There was a creaking sound followed by a gunshot. The scent of blood filled the air, and for Anthea, everything fell to black.
When she regained herself, the light had already left Jeremy’s eyes. The metallic taste of his blood in her mouth made her nauseous. She allowed the tears to stream down her face. His blood in her veins felt like lead.
Her fingers shakily touched his cooling cheek, leaving streaks of his once life-giving essence in their stead.
“But we were so close,” she choked out. Anthea shook her head.
“I’m sorry.”

Prompt: Bitten by Love


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