Holding On

Everything is changing so fast. I dig my heels in, try to slow it all down. The world continues on without me.
One by one, my friends all leave. They venture toward bigger better futures. I try to be happy for them, but I can’t seem to manage. It’s already tainted by my growing fears.
My efforts to stop them leave me stagnating. I can’t go back, but I’m afraid to move forward. If I take that next step, what happens to the things I’ve been clinging to for so long?
I’m afraid. Afraid of change. Afraid of the unknown. So I cling all the harder and try to stop the change.
My friends keep slipping through my fingers and going on ahead. I can’t seem to follow their lead. I’m not ready to leave the me of yesterday. I’m not ready to say good-bye.

Prompt: Change


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