I try to force a calm I don’t feel. My leg continues to jiggle. I wince as I stare at its movement. So much for tranquility. Even the kids near me look calm by comparison. I close my eyes and try again.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Just clear my mind. I am at peace with myself. Breathe in. Bre- did I lock the door when I left? I think I did. Shit, where was I in meditating? I’m pretty sure I locked the door.
My eyes are back open, and the jiggling has gotten faster.
What was it Kate said I should think about? Water. Lilies floating on the water’s cool surface. Barely moving from the wind’s brushes. Petals reaching toward the sky. Blossoming in the serenity.
I look down. The jiggling’s stopped.

Prompt: Lilies


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