Kissed by an Angel

The sun danced amongst her hair and kissed her lashes. She spun in circles absorbing the surrounding beauty. As I watched her, my feelings bubbled out before I could stop them.
“I love you.”
She stopped and looked over her shoulder to meet my eyes.
“I know.” She gave me a pitying smile, and my heart clenched.
I may have winced. If I did, she didn’t comment. Never being one to leave well enough alone, I tromped toward her. I was breathing hard as though I had done something more taxing than eliminate the distance between us. I wiped my hands on my pants, partially for something to do with them and partially to get rid of the sweat gathering from nerves.
Her steady gaze just watched me fumble. Before I could talk myself out of it, I leaned forward and kissed her. She stood still for a bit, but then she kissed me back. My heart beat harshly in my ears.
As long as she kissed me, I could pretend that she loved me. But pretending can’t last forever. Much sooner than I would’ve liked, the need to breathe became pressing. I pulled away and only our breathing could be heard for a while.
“Are you satisfied now?” Her voice sounded detached, like it had nothing to do with her.
No! I wanted to yell. It would never be enough. I would never be satisfied. Instead, I tried to muster some semblance of a smile as my heart continued to break.
“Thank you.”
She nodded, and all I could do was watch as she walked away.

Prompt: Kissed by an Angel


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