Dared to Love

Becka was a force of nature. Her eyes dared you to try. For anything. For everything. Before you realized you had even moved, you were attempting something crazy with her. She’d be laughing, and the crazy would seem normal. Fun.
She was an all-in type of person. You’d think it’d be exhausting, but it was refreshing. In a world where everyone played life close to the vest, no one revealing what they actually thought, she’d just tell you. She was defiant. She’d grab your hand and drag you along.
Becka was always smiling, always exploring, and always living. She drew the lost, the shy, and the struggling to her. Bring them into her fold and make them better for the experience.
Being near her radiating goodness, it wasn’t hard to fall in love. It took me months to say anything. Months of doubting, of rehearsing a thousand different ways to confess, of looking like a fish as I repeatedly failed to say anything. In the end, it was her challenging eyes telling me to go for it that pushed me to act. I grabbed her and kissed her. It was awkward. I missed slightly, half-kissing her cheek and half-kissing her lips. Not looking as you shove your face forward will do that. I may have also inadvertently bit her in the process. When I pulled back, her eyes were amused.
“Took you long enough.” Just like that, my months of worrying seemed useless.
“Go out with me.” She kissed me in response.
Being with her was an adrenaline rush. She was crazy. She was beautiful. She was fearless. And whenever I was with her, I could believe anything was possible.

Prompt: First Love


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