Dearest Emily,

The only thing that keeps me going at this point is knowing your letter came with love. I will accept this breakup for now for your sake, if nothing else.
When I return from this war, I will find you and make you mine all over again. Once I have you in my arms again, nothing will ever make me leave your side again. You do not need to wait for me, but please do not find someone else to give your heart to. Know that even if you do, I will still win your affections back.
You are the only happiness I want, Emily. For me, there is no other.I am counting the days until I can return to you. I love you, Emily. This temporary breakup will not change that.

Eternally Yours,

-P.S. I would not be opposed to you finding a ring you like. A house might also be a good thing to look into. When I return, they shall both be yours.

Prompt: You’re the high school sweetheart from the previous prompt. Write your response to the breakup note.


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