Dear James

Dear James,

I hope this letter finds you well. Your parents are healthy, and their shop is thriving even in these trying times.
I realize this will probably seem terribly callous of me, seeing as you’re fighting for our country, but I’d like to break up. A part of me will always love you, but I can’t do this anymore. It’s driving me insane, not knowing if you’ll live to see tomorrow. My heart stops every time they read the war obituaries, praying that your name does not come up.
I thought we could endure anything, but I was wrong. I’m not strong enough, James. I can’t keep wondering whether or not you’ll come back to me. I can’t keep hoping that everything will be okay. I hate to do this to you, but I see no other option.
Be safe, James. And wherever you end up, I hope you find happiness. You deserve it and so much more.

Love Always,

Prompt: Write a “Dear John” letter breaking up with your high school sweetheart who’s in the army


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