Outside Wonder

If I close my eyes, I can imagine I’m out there. Running and jumping into puddles. The puddles splash up and soak my pants on their way down to pool in my shoes, The wind whips around me, holding me tight in its embrace. The sun peeks out at me from behind the cloud, giving me playful winks. Then I dance, the rustling leaves my only music. Other kids come and join me. Our laughter becomes the new chorus. Another girl takes my hand and brings me to another place. We kick rocks to see who can send them farther. Each clack of the stones on the pavement sounds magical. My parents are inside, watching from the window. They smile, happy I’m having so much fun with my new friends. It’s perfect.
If I open my eyes, the dream fades away. Doctors and nurses rush by to the time of the machine’s beeps. The warm scents of nature replaced by the heavy scent of disinfectant. I’m the one looking out the window at another’s merriment, trapped in my sterile cage. If I listen hard enough though, I can just make out the echoes of laughter.

Prompt: Outside the Window


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