“I hate you! I wish you’d stay out of my life!” The moment the words are out, I wish I could take them back. Instead, they echo in my mind and hang in the air like dead weight. She looks struck. I feel lost. For a while, neither of us moves.
“I…” I reach out a hand toward her, but she steps back, shaking her head.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” I take a step toward her. “Please…” I stare at her, begging her with my eyes. Please don’t go. Please just forget. Please forgive me.
“I can’t,” she tells me. She’s still shaking her head. “I… I just can’t. I have to go.” She’s out the door before I can reach her.
Left with my solitude and regrets, I whisper, “I’m sorry,” to her vacant spot. But it’s already too late.

Prompt: Regret


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