Tainted Light

I should’ve said good-bye. Should’ve walked away. But even now, with him falling hopelessly into my darkness, I can’t force myself away. Instead, I watch piteously as he becomes twisted, tainted by my own hand. Before, he was so blindingly bright, it hurt to look at him. Watching him be so good… and kind… and just; it was like watching the sun rise– making even the filth appear beautiful in its light.
Little by little, I could see my darkness snuffing out bits of his light. I chose to ignore it, as though my not acknowledging it would make it disappear. So I tainted his perfection to taste his light just a little longer. I watched as the madness creeped into his eyes and took hold. He was the best of us, but I made him the worst. All those shiny ideals left to rot in the mud forgotten.
His smile is unhinged, matching the crazed look in his eye. His eyes stay focused on me– always only on me. Still, I love him too much to walk away… to make things better… to save any remaining light before it’s extinguished. Instead I try to keep my eyes on him, ignoring as he burns the surrounding world to the ground. The world he once tried to save.

Prompt: Blindingly Bright.


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