“Hey, Pigtails, if you’re gonna a stand around, mind not doing it in the hallway?”
Pigtails, as she was dubbed,turned around confused.
“Are you talking to me?”
“Do you see anyone else takin’ up residence in the hall?”
“You can see me.”
“Freak much? Gawd, would you just get out of the way already?” She tapped her foot impatiently to help get her annoyance across. An effort that was in vain it seemed. Pigtails lit up like a Christmas tree.
“You can see me! You’re talking to me!” She bounced in place and lightly bit her bottom lip. “You’re really talking to me.”
“Not like it’s doing me any good.” She rolled her eyes. “You know what? Forget it. I’ll find a different way.” She flung her hands up in exasperation before turning and walking the other way.
“Wait!” Pigtails jogged to catch up. “Please, it’s been so long since someone last spoke to me.”
“Can’t imagine why; you’re such a sparkling conversationalist after all.”
“Please… I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
“Well I’d suggest not standing in the way if you want to make friends.”
Pigtails gave an empty laugh. “It doesn’t matter. They just go right through me anyway.”
“You’re kinda depressing. Ever think maybe that’s why you don’t have any friends? Nobody likes a Gloomy Gus.”
Pigtails just laughed. ” Yeah, I don’t think my disposition’s the problem.”

Prompt: Are you talking to me?



She gagged on the scent of her own searing flesh. The pain was so intense, a soundless scream was the most noise she could produce. Tears blurred her vision. For a while, her thoughts only centered around the pain. The cool air bit at her wound as it passed. She managed some gasping breaths, but it wasn’t enough.
“There, there. It’s all over, pet.”
She dragged tired blood-shot eyes to the man she had trusted. He was a possessive man. She had known, she just wasn’t aware how possessive he could be. She knew now. In his mind she was his.
She glared at him, but he merely smiled and swung the cattle prod around.
“You won’t be making eyes at anyone else now, will you? You know how jealous it makes me.”
“But I w-”
“Uh-uh-uh,” he interrupted. His finger ticked back and forth. “I asked you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. If I wanted excuses, I’d give them to you. Now, let’s try again. You won’t be making eyes at anyone else. Will you?” His words held more force this time around, like giving her an ultimatum.
“No.” She felt sick.
“Good girl.”
She flinched as he ran his hand along her newly-mutilated skin. How had she become like this. When had she fallen so far.
“Go clean your self up. I feel like going out to celebrate.”
She tenderly made her way to the bathroom. Once she got passed the door, she locked it, hoping for a minute of reprieve.
As she looked in the mirror, she tried to see the strong independent woman she used to be. All she managed to see was the pathetic girl branded as property that she had become. She tried staring harder. If she could just find some piece of her former self, she felt she could rise above this. All she needed was a piece, any piece at all.
But as she looked in the mirror, all she could see was the brand.

Prompt: Branded

Bitten by Love

He watched as her eyes dilated. Next, her body started to tremble. She wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to contain herself. Against her will, her eye trailed from his eyes to his neck. It had been over a week since her last feeding. She looked like she was losing the war against her sanity.
“Hey. C’mon, talk to me. We’ll get through this.”
Her eyes snapped back up to his eyes. She shakily opened and closed her mouth a few times before managing to force out any words.
“I…” She closed her eyes for a minute, taking a few steadying breaths before continuing. “I don’t know if I’m strong enough to hold myself back until someone lets us out of here.” Every word was strained with effort. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. Her teeth throbbed with her hunger.
“You’re doing great. Just a little bit longer…”
She could hear his heart beat melting over the sound of his voice. Her eyes strayed back to the pulse point in his neck. It might have been her imagination, but she thought she could hear his blood rushing through his veins with every beat of his heart. She could feel her resolve slipping. Why was she fighting so hard to deny herself? Giving in would be so gratifying. She licked her lips.
She reluctantly dragged her vision back to his face. She watched as he stood up and walked to her. The warmth of his hands on her cheeks jolted her from her thoughts for the moment.
“Anthea, you can do this. We’ll get out of her, and everything will be okay. Alright?”
She nodded. His hands on her cheeks helped to focus her mind, grounding her in a way his voice alone hadn’t done.
“I love you, Jeremy. Thanks for the pep-talk.” She laughed lightly. “I needed it. Could you just hold my hand? Your touch helps.”
“Anything you need.” He shifted to sit next to her, taking her hand in his as he went. “And Thea?” When her eyes met his, he took that as the cue to continue. “I love you too.”
“Thank you.” Her hunger was still there but as she focused on the warmth she felt from his words, it felt more manageable.
There was a creaking sound followed by a gunshot. The scent of blood filled the air, and for Anthea, everything fell to black.
When she regained herself, the light had already left Jeremy’s eyes. The metallic taste of his blood in her mouth made her nauseous. She allowed the tears to stream down her face. His blood in her veins felt like lead.
Her fingers shakily touched his cooling cheek, leaving streaks of his once life-giving essence in their stead.
“But we were so close,” she choked out. Anthea shook her head.
“I’m sorry.”

Prompt: Bitten by Love

The Hunt

By the third store, all of the rings started to look the same. He walked down the aisles and looked at the blur of sparkle. Everyone kept telling him that he would just know when he found the right one. He was beginning to think “finding the girl” was far less challenging than “finding the ring”. By the fourth store, he was fairly certain he never wanted to see anything that glittered ever again.
To break up the monotony, he ventured into some off the wall shops. Things began to look distinct again. It was in a hole in the wall shop selling all sorts of do-dads that he finally found the ring. It was a simple oval-cut diamond nestled into an intricate aged silver band. He saw it and knew it belonged on her finger.
When she saw it, he figured she thought the same because she said yes.

Prompt: Ring


Her dress was not a gown, and her shoes were second hand. She had her hair pulled back with shining beads tied in. Her mom had put them in place. Every stitch of dress was put in lovingly. The pricks in her hands were mostly healed. Her nails were painted a light pink. Others at the dance were sure to be dressed more extravagantly. When her date came to pick her and she walked down the hall, she glowed. Her dress was not a gown and her shoes were second hand, but for the first time, she felt like Cinderella.

Prompt: Like Cinderella


If I could wish
for just one thing,
I’d wish and wish
to see you again.
I’d wish that I
could hold you tight
and never have
the day turn night.
I’d wish that you
would love me dear,
but if not that,
to have you near.
I’d wish that I
could hold your hand,
but even more
to be your man.
I love you ’til
the moon and back,
and also ’til
the stars turn black.
If I could wish
for just one thing,
I’d wish for all
the joy you bring.

Prompt: Wish

Hearts in Ice

I was too late. By the time I had gotten to her, her skin had already taken on an icy blue hue. Her flesh was cold to the touch. Yet somehow, she managed to look peaceful. A perfect time capsule frozen in time. If it wasn’t for the blue tone to her once rosy cheeks, one might think she had merely curled up and gone to sleep. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers, willing my warmth into her. But this is not a fairy tale, and my kiss does not stir her from her slumber. My warmth leaves with my hopes and my heart encases itself in ice.

Prompt: Ice Blue

If Only

If only this didn’t hurt,
maybe then I could say good-bye.
If only I didn’t love you,
maybe then I could let go.
Walking away
seems much easier
when it’s not your heart
that’s falling apart.
When you’re no longer invested.
When you don’t care.
Give me your indifference.
Give me your strength.
Take my love away.
take all the pieces of you
embedded in me.
Purge yourself from my spirit,
from my head,
and my heart.
If only I could forget,
maybe I could move on.
If only I hadn’t met you,
maybe I wouldn’t feel this turmoil.
If only I could let go,
maybe then this wouldn’t hurt.
If only I didn’t love you,
maybe then I could say good-bye.

Prompt: If Only